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Subject: Re: [GENBOX] How do I do this?
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 10:26:33 -0700 (GMT-07:00)

Kathy - Like you, I also have several items from the same newspaper (when your family was one of the early Mormon pioneers to Salt Lake, you have about a bazillion obits). However, my option has been not to create a higher source for the newspaper and then a subsequent lower source for the obit. I simply make each obit entry its own source. By careful coding of my Name field for Pidk Dialog purposes, it is easy for me to find what I need. I could quite easily find all of my obits from The Deseret News from the Pick Dialog.

Your usage indicates that you are using the higher source as I had indicated earlier . . . to avoid multiple entry of static information into the lower source. By simply linking to the higher source, your additional data fields are populated with this static information. This seems to be the same purpose for which Paul and I use higher level sources. I think your interpretation versus the interpretation that Paul and I have is one of mere semantics.

The Help file has this to say:

The Source Type box displays an icon to the left of the name. This icon indicates the source level, which is also set by the choice of source type:

Document Level
Document-in-Source Level
Source Level

The icons are intended to suggest, respectively: a loose paper sheet; a single page within a book; a book. This reflects the underlying data structure: A Document Level source record does not link to a higher source. Instead, a repository link can be specified. The Document-in-Source Level source record does link to a higher source record. The Source Level source record also does not link to a higher source record, but does have a link to a repository.

As it is, at least for me, my source list is already getting unmanageable due to size (although my coding sytem for names really helps) (hence my request for the ability to temporarily hide non-active sources). To simply add a higher level source for The Deseret News just to have all obits linked to it, just adds clutter to my source list when I can just as easly create each obit as a separate source without a higher link. After all you have to ceate the lower source anyway and if you don't absolutely need the higher source for extra data fields, it just seems to me an extra, unnecessary step to create the higher source. Therefore, I personally have restricted my use of higher-lower level configurations to those instances where I absolutely need it for the extra data fields. For novice users who can adequately create sources without the use of the higher level source, this simplifies the process. If they begin to think that they need to create a higher level source for !
every newspaper simply to attach obits (or other items to it) can be confusing at best. Actually I go out of my way to avoid this hierarchy unless absolutely necessary.

Like you each obit has its own separate evidence (the transcription) but I simply bypass the creation of the higher source. My thinking is that if I can create a source without this two-part process, why would I want to make more work for myself by opting for two steps when one step will do? And this is espcially true if I only use a newspaper once . . . to create a higher - lower seems totally unnecessary when I can skip the higher all together.

Each person has to decide how to best use these features to his/her advantage. Obviously my setup doesn't work for your purposes.

You can search for higher level sources; I do it all of the time. You just can't see all of the lower level links attached to it which is what you want which is a significant distinction.


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From: Kathy Lenerz <>
Sent: Oct 8, 2004 7:52 AM
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] How do I do this?

Paul J. Harris wrote:
> However, I recall using this linking capability when a singe source level
> simply did not have enough appropriate data fields for the information I
> wanted to record. Linking a Doc in Source to a Higher Source can provide
> additional 'capacity.' <g>

Cheri Casper wrote:
> Paul - As far as I'm concerned, your listed use is the only purpose for
> which I use multi-level sourcing at all, to give me extra data fields.
> Personally I see no point in using a multi-level sourcing structure for
> any other purpose.

The programming solution to not enough data fields would seem to be to
add more fields, not to add a level of complexity.

I really don't know the original intent behind multi-level sourcing,
although the concept seems intuitive and appealing. But of course, the
reason each of us uses this feature and the reason it exists, are two
different things. We need to be aware of the temptation to turn
descriptive information into prescriptive (or proscriptive).

I use multi-levels for sources from which I extract a lot of different
entries, such as newspapers and some church and vital records sources. For
some of these sources I have dozens to hundreds of extracts, each of which
ranges from a paragraph to a page or more in length. These extracts are
hard to scroll through when they're all entered in the same Evidence-Source
Text field and require some sort of notation to distinguish one from
another. The latter basically involves entering a CD as a note in the
Extract field, which seems like duplicate data entry. For these reasons, I
find it easier to make the newspaper the higher source and the article the
lower source.

The lack of the ability to search for higher sources is the second instance
I found recently where using mulit-level sources created a serious
limitation. (In another Alzheimer's moment, I can't remember the first.)
The fact is that multi-level sourcing exists, and the use of this feature
shouldn't limit our other uses of the program. And we shouldn't turn our
own circumscribed uses of this feature into proscriptions (or
prescriptions) on others' uses of it. If the feature exists, it should be
fully functional and integrated with other aspects of the program.


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