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From: "William T. Flight" <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] Query: Chart saving to JPG (fixed)
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 23:17:27 -0500
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> >If you save a GenBox chart as a JPG file, I find that what
> gets saved in
> >the JPG is the screen view of the file not the complete
> detailed file.
> >That is you get 2 different outcomes if you save the same
> file when viewed
> >at 100% or 25%...Is this by design?

Yes, this behavior is by design. You can control the zoom size of the saved
JPG file by setting the zoom size on the chart before saving it.

> ... on closing the chart view, I was asked whether I
> wanted to update
> the saved JPG, to which I said YES expecting that the saved
> file would then
> be updated to include the text that could now see on the screen. But
> opening the JPG in the Irfanview, I now see that the file
> content was not
> updated. This looks like a bug.

I have this one fixed in the next version: when closing a chart view that
has been edited but not saved yet, and you select to save the changes, they
are now saved correctly. Thanks for reporting the problem.

Best regards,


William T. Flight

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