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From: "Geir Thorud" <>
Subject: SV: [GENBOX] Import of place names from GEDCOM
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 23:12:02 +0100
In-Reply-To: <>

> >
> > In any case I am sceptic to such an algorithm as long as the
> > same name may appear at many leves in a hierarchy.
> In that case there were probably 'inconsistencies' in the
> placelevels in the
> imported file. When you have a place appear more than once on different
> levels, you will need to work out the inconsistencies in your
> original file,
> or in Genbox (= position them at the correct level and merge the different
> place-records).

What I intended to say is that a city may for example have the same name
as a farm. Or a city may have the same name as the municiplaty it is located
(although municiplity is not a level in Genbox at the moment).
(And there may be many farms and citys with the same name - but I am
not shure that is a problem as long as the superior levels are different.)

I know that I don't have inconsistencies in the Gedcom file.
All names are exported by the same code, from the same database
structure. And I have checked the file.

The problem is that Genbox does not handle Gedcom properly
in this case - in my opinion.

Gr. Geir

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