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From: Robin Lamacraft <>
Subject: Related chart - inconsistent marriage layout (bug?)
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 17:34:37 +1030

I am trying to produce a UK style dropline chart style with separate spouse
boxes as a "Related" chart. Unfortunately, Genbox seems to be inconsistent
in this layout when :
(1) - when there are "2 or spouses with children", or
(2) - when "spouse cross-references" are used
(3) - when "spouse dashed cross-links" are used

In these cases, GenBox does not T-connect the children to the line joining
the partners. Take a look at - this illustrates

(a) the children of the second spouse are handled as expected, but the
children of the first spouse are connected to the bottom of that spouse's
box - this does not conform with the standard layout in this case where
children are always T-joined to the double marriage line between the partners.

(b) When using spouse cross-references (the half hidden "(M)" in red) it
would more consistent to again draw the marriage double line from the local
parent's box to the cross-reference code at the other end, then T-join the
children to it.

(c) When using spouse cross-links, the children are attached to the bottom
of the known parent. The more consistent method is to draw the marriage
line with the children T-joined to that marriage line. The boxes at the end
of the line should be the local known parent and then attach the spouse
cross-link line to the vacant end of the marriage line.

As it stands, this chart layout is strange mixture of conventions and would
not be acceptable for production in regions of the world where the
standards are well-known. These problems look like an oversight -
hopefully Bill can fix them. In the next couple of days, I will have to
find another way to produce the required chart.


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