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From: Robin Lamacraft <>
Subject: Query: Chart connecting line paths
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 09:08:03 +1030

In my opinion, whenever a connecting line is created on a chart, it should
NOT traverse *over* or *under* a person box, but the chart should be
re-spaced to provide a clear path for such lines.

The "Related" chart with drop alignment "relaxed" does not adhere by this
convention. I have recently created examples where the entire area upon
which a box has been drawn is a bed of parallel lines. When the
generational alignment is "relaxed" some vertical lines pass under other
boxes. (BTW: I am not forcing "uniform generations".)

This does not seem like a good practice nor is it something that I would
provide to a client. Is it intended that connecting lines may be drawn
under person boxes? Changing the drop distance forces an increased channel
for horizontal lines (even when it is not necessary). No setting seems to
stop vertical lines from going under other boxes. Have I missed it? No
setting is documented where I can change the vertical spacing between the
parallel connecting lines in a "relaxed" drop alignment.


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