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From: Kathy Lenerz <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Index Report
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 14:51:24 -0500
References: <000b01c5151d$703d7d40$0200a8c0@quortrup>
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Claire Quortrup wrote:
> Ok, I give up. I am trying to produce an Index report of all the
> individuals in my database. I am using the "Individual" Basic report.
> I want a report that looks like this:
> ID # Name Gender User ID
> Thus : 234 Joe Blow M 232B
> I have been trying to filter on the "Indentifiers" where the "User ID"
> is located among other identifers. I only want the User ID. If I check
> "only 1" then click "Type" only one type is offered - "Names." If I
> don't check Type but try to enter a filter, ie "User ID" I get a blank
> list with only the headers. Any thing I try other than "All"
> Indentifers gives me a blank list. If I use "All" then I get the list
> with all the Indentifers listed. Not what I want.
> Is there any way to do this? Any help very appreciated.

When "Identifier" is highlighted in "Available fields," check the radio
button next to "1". Then click on the right arrow ( > ). Your selected
fields list will then look like this:
Identifier (1)
This will produce a list where only the *first* identifier is listed. When
I tried this, the User_ID happened to be the first identifier, and this
produced the list you wanted.

This is not very intuitive.


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