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From: "Cheri Casper" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Help required on adding children please
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 10:12:41 -0800
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Have you tried going to the child's record, deleting the parents on the
summary tab and on the birth event, and re-attaching them vis-a-vis the
birth event?


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Subject: [GENBOX] Help required on adding children please

This problem is driving me absolutely mad, so if anyone could offer some
advice I would be really grateful.

I am trying to add children to a couple who have each had children prior to
marrying each other, although neither had been married before. At one stage
I wondered if the fact that each of them had a Married-not event and child
before their marriage event could have been causing the problem but that
scenario works okay in a test database.

So back to the problem.

On the summary screen I have mother and father 2 showing. Add child, which
also creates a childbirth event for mother and father 2 both on the
summary tab and the family tab. So far so good. Look at the child's
summary tab or the child's parent tab and the parents are correctly entered.
However, if I then look at father 2's summary tab he does not have this
child showing in the children area.

In consequence if I print a chart or report with him as the focus person the
children with his wife do not show.

I have tried repair/compact, removing all the children and childbirth links,
repairing/compacting and adding them again. Whoever is the focus parent
when I add the children has them showing in the children area and the spouse
only gets the childbirth event not the actual child.

Any suggestions?


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