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From: "Cheri Casper" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Event Query Question
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 08:03:14 -0800
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Mike - Anderson is the surname. I was able to get what I wanted in another
manner. But I'm going to try poking around this over the weekend. Full day
today & tomorrow, but perhaps Sunday.

You can query on events. You don't have to have anything in the name field.
For example, you can find everyone who was born in a certain year, or
everyone who was born in a selected place, or a combination of both, or only
males with that combination, etc. In other words, you can query on events
and places, not just individuals. Also for something things, the Links tab
will serve what you need. Version 4 is in development and I would not be
surprised to see greater search capabilities.


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I read this mail list in archives form but have just subscribed, and so
can't respond to a previous email as is normal. Regarding Cheri's question
and her last message saying that adding the name seemed to make the query
not work, she said:

"I tried that using Anderson as part of the name field on the first tab."

I was however able to get it to work with the same method as Linda. However
I am wondering what you (Cheri) mean by "part of the name field". I only
entered the surname and nothing else, but are you adding more to it? Also I
used the method on every item I entered of tabbing off the field when done.

All of this brings up the larger issue in my mind, of the need to be able to
view and query on every table in the database. We are losing a large part
of the power of a database by being restricted in both queries and reports,
to having to frame such searches around individuals, whether particular ones
or a list of same. Unless I am missing something on how to use Genbox of
course, which I don't think I am. I very much would like the ability to get
the results of a query to be events, and not merely a list of individuals
associated with those events.


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