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From: Phil Warn <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Genbox Error Question
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 08:01:56 +0000
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I am not sure that I can help more than confirm
that most problems in this area are down to memory, computer not human <vbg>

I know my Onions as they are in my tree.

So, between us, Cheri and I can supply the sage and onion stuffing. LOL

Try reducing the number of generations in the chart.

If that works, then the computer memory is the problem.

However, virtual memory is a lot.

The Windows Operating System uses real memory,
first, and then falls back on virtual memory, effectively backing off to disk.

The disk access time is FAR slower than REAL
(RAM) memory access time and the computer starts to crawl.

This is not a one or two times degradation, it can be in the order of hundreds.

It appears to the user as a long wait until you
get control over THAT program, here Genbox, returns.

Reduce the extent of the chart and see if that, then works.

Ultimately, it may be down to the way the program has been written.

If so, there is absolutely nothing we, the users,
can do about it except to MOAN to Bill. <vbg>

I hope that helps a tad

Best wishes,

Orpington, Kent, UK

At 01:57 26/03/2008, Cheri Casper wrote:
>Sounds like a memory issue but someone more sage can probably confirm or
>deny that.

Phil Warn ô¿ô
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