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From: "Lionel George" <>
Subject: Take your pick of a collective name
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 19:31:42 -0000


When I started the ball rolling with "A Sherlock of Genealogists". I did
not realize what an avalanche I would start but it has been quite amusing.
Here are all the suggestions - I hope I haven't missed anyone. If I have,
please accept my apologies. If you have not sent one, PLEASE don't.

A "patience" of genealogists from "tasker".
A gerontology of genealogists from Gerry Wright in S.F.
A ferreting of Genealogists from Alan Inness.
An Index of Genealogists from Mike Clouston.
An exhumation of genealogists from John Zillwood.
A Hoverof genealogists from Helen in sunny Queensland.
A trawl of genealogists from Helen K.
A generation of genealogists from Anne in South Australia.
An obsession of genealogists from Jill Collier.
A frustration of genealogists from Angela in BKS.
The official (another word for killjoy) term is "an exhumation of
genealogists" from Walter Crowe.
A wallet of genealogists from Geoff.PC.
A register of Genealogists from Tony in Victoria OZ.
A Flame or Bitch of genealogists.Dave Pearson. (Flame? Bitch?) Is Dave
being rude?
An inquiry of genealogists from John Clare.
A Query of Genealogists from Brian N.B. Canada.
A shove or an elbow of genealogists are names for a subgroup according to.
John Carpenter - who has bruised ribs to prove it I expect!
A forest of Genealogists from Keith Neill and seconded by others.
An obsession of genealogists would fit the bill. says Lesley Robertson.
And finally, a creight of genealogists from Pete Jury but please do not ask
me what a creight is!!

Thankyou all


My favourites are, "An obsession of genealogists" (aren't we all?) and "A
frustration of genealogists" (ditto)

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