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From: (dcw)
Subject: Re: counties; was Interesting children
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 03 13:15:19 GMT
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In article <>,
Phil C. <> wrote:

>I suspect any connection between castra and castration would be very
>ancient (IE?) and speculative but others may have better sources. IIRC
>the -caster, -chester, -cester etc endings to place names may actually
>be A-S - the word had evidently already been borrowed from Latin before
>the English settlement. It wasn't used by the Romans to name their forts
>with the single known exception of Castra Exploratum in Cumbria(?)

"Chester" (on various forms) seems to have been used by the Anglo-Saxons
for any Roman settlement. Many of them had never been anything that the
Romans would call "castra".


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