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From: "John Burns" <>
Subject: Re: Scottish Tombstones
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 15:17:50 GMT
References: <>

My great great grandparents tombstone in Glasgow has granny's maiden surname
as the header, farther down the stone is his surname. It is common with my
French Canadian ancestors to use the woman's maiden name on her stone. Also
on the early Canadian census (1600, 1700 hundreds) the wife is listed under
her maiden name-which is very useful.
"John Stevens" <> wrote in message
> Recently whilst visiting south-west Scotland (from London) I visited
> a village churchyard to look at some historic graves. Whilst there I
> noticed that on all tombstones that recorded the death of a married or
> widowed woman her maiden name only was quoted. i.e
> "Here lies Mary Jones, beloved wife of John Smith"
> Now I may be unobservant but this seems different from my experience
> elsewhere. It is usual surely for a woman to be recorded on her tombstone
> in her married name? Certainly all of my ancestors graves that I have
> have been in this format.
> So, can anyone tell me if the use of the maiden name is peculiar to
> or it it a practice to be found elsewhere in Britain?
> Thanks
> John

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