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From: Eve McLaughlin <>
Subject: Re: Death Registrant..
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 01:12:48 +0100
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In article <c8a103$p7u$>, Des <DesnospamGrenfell@> writes
>What is the usual practice for registering a death?
>In particular, who would normally be responsible for registering the death
>when a person dies in a hospital or nursing home.
Next of kin, relative present at the death, householder where the death
occurred, head of institution where the death occurred, 'person causing
the body to be buried; which might be a 'significant other' or social
services if the person was totally alone.

> And even more
>specifically, would the fact that the doctor of a nursing home registered a
>death indicate that the deceased had no known next of kin?
Unusual for a doctor to do it. Was he the owner of the nursing home and
only incidentally a doctor? Hope he didn't certify the cause of death as
well. Could mean there were no kin or no kin within the country or able
enough to register within the time. Personally, I would be ever so
slightly suspicious if it was done 'in house' and the Social services
were no involved. Who benefited by the will?

Eve McLaughlin

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