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From: "Chris Westmoreland" <>
Subject: RE: Need Birth/Death reference 1940's - JACKSON
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 07:15:54 -0700
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> Subject: Re: Need Birth/Death reference 1940's - JACKSON
> The other thing that drives me slightly potty is the "greengrocer's
> apostrophe", as in "Apple's down in price today". I was watching a
> Liverpool soccer match on TV the other night and I noticed a banner
> held by supporters that read "Liverpool, Champion's of Europe". But I
> don't suppose you would expect much else from football fans.
> Still, I find it slightly extraordinary that some people apparently
> cannot distinguish between the plural and the possessive, which is
> one of the most basic features of the English language.

Leading off Bootham in York, there's a road that has a modern metal sign
naming it "Queen Ann's road". On one of the adjacent houses there's an old
terracotta sign naming it "Queen Annes road". Both these are correct as the
"es" at the end of "Ann" in the latter, whilst unusual these days, denotes
the possessive of Ann, and the apostrophe in the former replaces the missing
letter "e".

However, the road leads to a school that until about 5 years ago was written
as "Queen Anne's school" (now St. Olave's).

Kushti Bok,

Chris Westmoreland

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