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Subject: Re: Camilla Shand and Peter Shand Kydd
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 16:13:09 +0100
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From: Renia <>

> On 15/04/2012 17:58, Will Johnson wrote:
> >> What is the tree connection between Camilla and Peter ?
> >> I just came acrost a reference to a letter written to "Bill Shand
> Kydd" at his "home in Bayswater"
> >> And I have Camilla's ancestor Alexander Shand as being born in
> Bayswater as well
> Shand, in this instance, is a middle name. Perhaps a Shand married a
> Kydd, or perhaps a Shand was a Godparent to a Kydd.>

William (Bill) Shand Kydd (born 1937) was - or I should say "is" because a Google search
suggests he's still alive - a younger half-brother to Peter Shand Kydd, who in 1969 married
Frances Viscountess Althorp, the mother of Princess Diana. Frances was very unhappy in
her marriage to Johnny Spencer (Viscount Althorp) and went off with Shand Kydd. That
marriage too ended when Shand Kydd began another affair.

Bill Shand Kydd was a member of the Lord Lucan set and was supposedly the last person to
see Lucan alive when he disappeared after notoriously murdering the family nanny in mistake
for his wife in 1974.

The Shand Kydds were originally a Scottish family and became very wealthy through a
wallpaper manufacturing company.

There may be a connection somewhere back that brought the Shand name into the Kydd
family but, frankly, I haven't the time to go looking for it!

What I DO find rather more interesting is this: there are some historians who believe that
Camilla's maternal grandmother, Sonia Rosemary Keppel (1900-1986) was the illegitimate
daughter of the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, by one of his numerous mistresses, Mrs
Alice Keppel.

Edward VII was, of course, the great-great-grandfather of Prince Charles. Now, if this were
true it would make Prince Charles and Camilla somewhat more closely related in cousinship
than has been officially suggested in the records and history books!

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