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From: George Archer <>
Subject: GEDCOM to Pedigree Charts
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 00:27:26 -0400

JD>Does anyone know of a vendor who can take a Gedcom file and
JD>convert it to a professionally printed pedigree chart with atleast
JD>7 or 8 generations?

Program: * (Jul 1994)
Requires: IBM-clone, GEDCOM files
Description: Prints descendant charts from GEDCOM files. Menu-
Order from: Garry Ringer, 2700 Saratoga Pl. #211, Gloucester
Ont., K1T 1W4, Canada; Tel: 613-733-2698. Freeware
? *; on disk documentation. Send mailer and 720K
formatted disk.

Program: Dropline 1.1E (Oct 1992)
Requires: IBM-Clone 256K; Macintosh; Atari ST 512K.
Description: Chart maker utility compatible with PAF 2.1, Roots
III, Family Roots, Family Tree-Etc., It's All
Relative using data imported via GEDCOM; prints
descendant charts and/or index of the chart for
one ancestor; 3 to 150 generations up to 2000
names per generation; prints vertically and
horizontally, up to 30 spouses, unlimited number
of children; single and double lined boxes; width
6 to 19 spaces; 6 to 8 lines.
Review: International PAF Users' Group Quarterly, Fourth
Quarter, 1991, Vol. 3, no 4. pp. 88 and Third
Quarter 1992 Vol 4, no 3, p. 62 (mention).
Order from: Carl Jarnberg, c/o Legacy Software, 3150 Arville
St, Las Vegas, NV 89102; Tel: 702-876-0603; Demo
disk $10; $50.

Program: GENBOX 2.0 (1994)
Requires: IBM-clone; GEDCOM files Epson-compatible dot-
matrix with compressed print and HP Laser or
InkJet printers supported with user-defined
printer code files for any printer.
Description: Menu-driven box chart generation program printing
up to 255 generations (about 9000 persons) from
GEDCOM (PAF Versions 2.1 and 2.2) files as multi-
paged charts or wall charts. On-line help.=20
Extensive control of GEDCOM data being printed and
appearance of charts. Selection by RIN or
first/last name or partial name using wild cards.
Multiple marriages and children supported.
View/edit chart before printing or saving to disk.=
Prints charts: Descendant, Ancestor, Related
(including adopted), Everyone (many boxes not
linked), and Custom Box Charts (descendant chart
from user-selected person and/or limited number of
generations). Prints cousins of different
generations and shifts descendant tree
accordingly. Children of this marriage are printed
only once. Print size/format user-configurable.
Widths of boxes vary to fit data. Box heights
default to rows but are user-adjusted. Boxes
automatically close up blank space beneath parent
or ancestors. User-selected fields are included
in boxes according to user's priorities and size
of box. Each box can include name, birth-
baptism/death and marriage dates and places and
same data for spouse. Several options saved to
disk for reuse: printer configuration, sizes of
chart, page, and box
size/spacings/highlights/borders and printing of
GEDCOM tags controlled by using a level number by
program; line drawing symbol set; upper/lower case
and date formats; page numbering; submitter's
name; skip blank pages; page/margin formatting;
shadow/highlight/line attributes adjustable; Line
wrap/justified lines in boxes. Box charts
exportable as non-compressed ASCII files. Detects
and reports, but does not correct, data
inconsistencies. Versions before version 1.3 had
Other: BBSs: GENBOXx.ZIP; GENBOXx.EXE; CompuServe Library
Review: Digest, Jul/Aug 1993, p. 7 (mention); Jan/Feb
1994, p. 7.
Order from: William T. Flight, c/o Thoughtful Creations, P.O.
Box 19406, Cincinnati, OH 45219; CIS: 73740,1754;
shareware $45 including S&H. OH residents add 5.5%
sales tax; specify disk size. Registered version
allows default setting to be changed.

Program: Graftree Versions A05 and 2.0 (1990)
Requires: IBM-clone, 512K free RAM, DOS 3.0 or later for
PATH support, otherwise DOS 2.x for current
directory operation. OS/2 version available.=20
Epson or IBM-compatible 9 or 24 pin (dot matrix)
Description Version A05 was originally written for The Family
Edge, Version 2 supports any GEDCOM data and,
although it may still be available, Version A05
has been replaced by Version 2 for DOS and OS/2.
Version 2 consists of two utility programs: 1)
Chart program for GEDCOM data created by The
Family Edge or any other genealogy software.=20
Produces a graphical family tree in a descendant
format sideways on Epson LQ and IBM compatible
printers. Each descendant is enclosed in a box,
with his or her birth and death dates, and the
first 2 spouses or dates. Limit: 42 generations
and 100 pages (2000 INDI records or 1000 FAM
records). Banner-style pages printed that can be
assembled together for over 7 generations if
printed sideways. Preview feature permits view of
each box, not entire chart. 2) GEDBROWS views
GEDCOM files directly, and displays as a group of
related individuals, or selected by record number
(not name) displays person with parents, spouse
and children; GEDCOM files must be PAF 2.1-
compatible or later. OS/2 version enhances
GEDBROWS by permitting search by person's name
from a list.
Review: Genealogical Computing, Vol 10, no 4; Genealogical
Computing, Jul/Sep 1994, p. 34 (mention).
Other: CompuServe Library 3: GRAFTR.V20; GTTFE.A05
Order from: Bill Beinert, PO Box 1974, Peter Stuyvesant
Station, New York, NY 10009; CIS: 76407,132 and
(GO ROOTS). $10 registration. $15 if ordered
from the author. The author no longer supports

Program: PEDGRE 4.3 (1994)
Requires: IBM-clone, 80286 or better, 640K RAM, DOS 4.1 and
GEDCOM files; Epson-compatible printer (LQ 850,
950 and 1050 dot matrix printers for maximum
available printing features); CGA/EGA/VGA
supported and EMS/XMS if available.
Description: Supports a GEDCOM database of 5000 individuals and
1500 families with 640K RAM (less with less
memory). On screen review of graphic pedigree
before printing. GEDCOM file viewer with surname
search feature. Screen size is variable. User-
selectable from pick list of names. Prints 4-5
generation pedigree charts from GEDCOM (PAF 2.2-
compatible) files in eight styles. Optionally
prints marriage dates and age at death on chart
with other customization options. Supports
international character sets and 10 built-in fonts
for chart texts and 130 designs, 7 border options
and 5 box designs totaling 70 different charts.
Printing begins from user-selected ancestor.
Printing may be either the full chart or an
outline chart that can be used as a blank form and
then use data printed from the program to transfer
the data to the blank form during printing to save
time and printer use. Data audit and linking error
Review: Genealogical Computing, Oct/Nov/Dec 1993, pp. 16-
17;Genealogical Computing, Jul/Sep 1994, p. 34
Other: BBSs PEDGRE.ZIP; and CompuServe Library 3: PEDGR0-
Order from: Kenneth P. Murphy; 1704 West Lindner Ave., Mesa,
Arizona 85202; $20. registration with 35-page
manual that is needed as on-disk documentation is
minimal for testing purposes only. Unegistered
version is limited to 4 generations charts, one
font, 400 individuals and 100 families.

Program: Relativity 0.95
Requires: IBM-clone; 640K RAM; supports EGA and monochrome
monitors and 230 printers.
Description: Produces genograms, psychosocial information
pertaining to the emotional quality of family
relationships. A genogram is much like a family
tree with a greatly expanded capability for
mapping these emotional processes through the use
of specialized symbols and life experience /
personal profile information not normally found
in a simple family history. It has been used by
family therapists, nurses, social workers and
others professionally but has genealogical
applications in that it lists traits and
characteristics of individuals within family
groupings. Data entry fields: Family ID, Member
ID, Last/First/Middle names, Occupation, date and
place of birth death; age, sex, life events,
relationships (spouse, sibling, parent, child,
adopted, fraternal, identical, and external) and
quality or process of relationship (plain, close,
fused, distant, conflicted, cut-off,
close/hostile, and fused/hostile.) Not
automatically lineage-linked. GEDCOM supported but
files being imported/exported are limited to 64
persons per file. Prints horizontal or vertical
wall charts from ASCII and GEDCOM files. A
related program ECOTIVITY automatically generates
Review: Digest, Oct-Dec 1992, pp. 13-14.
Order from: Andy Miller, WonderWare Inc., 2330 Glenmont Circle
#10, Silver Spring, MD 20901; Tel: 301-942-3254;

Program: Tree Charts 3.5 (DOS); 3.4 (Apple DOS 3.3); 3.4C
(Apple ProDOS);
3.0 (C64)
Requires: Apple, Commodore, IBM-clone with 128K RAM.
Description: Uses data from Family Roots, Lineages or PAF (2.1
or later) directly or GEDCOM imported files to
print charts and trees. Prints wall chart size;
saves trees and charts to disk.
Review: Genealogical Computing, Jan/Feb/Mar 1987 pp. 2
Order from: Quinsept, Inc., PO Box 216, Lexington, MA 02173;
Tel: 800-637-ROOT; 617-641-2930; FAX: 617-641-
1080; $60.

~Program: TreeDraw for Windows 1.0 (TREEDRAW) (Aug 1994)
Requires: IBM-clone with 4mb RAM, Windows 3.1, hard disk,
VGA or higher,
Description: Imports data from Kith & Kin or GEDCOM and draws
trees. You can add pictures,maps,diagrams andclip
art tothe charts.
Other: BBSs:; Public (Software) Library, PO
Box 35705, Houston, TX 77235-5705; 800-2424-PSL
Order from: SpanSoft * ; =9C20 registration.

Program: Wall Chart (Jan 1989)
Requires: IBM-clone; dot matrix printer.
Description: Makes 8-generation wall charts from data in GEDCOM
format (PAF 2.0 and 2.1) on dot matrix printers.
GEDCOM import limited to 1000 people. Print
options: blank charts; a 15-generation Ahnentafel
in 2 columns; one branch of the family tree; 8-
generation ancestor chart that fits on two
vertical strips of four sheets. Prints to printer,
disk (ASCII) and screen.
Other: BBSs: WALLDEMO.ZIP; CompuServe Library 3:
WALLDE.ARC (demo); GEnie: WALLDEMO.ARC (demo)
Review: Genealogical Computing, Jul/Sep 1994, p. 34
Order from: Ann Turner, 418 Gilbert Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025;
Down-under BBS: Newark, CA 510-790-3432
(1:161/222.0); CIS: 71336,1610; GEnie: A.TURNER1;
Internet: ; $10.; demo
available on BBSs as WALLDEMO.ZIP.

Program: WALLPED (May 1989)
Requires: IBM-clone and Epson-compatible printer .
Description: Prints wall-size pedigree chart from GEDCOM files
in 3,6,9,10,11,12 generations. Permits merging of
other GEDCOM files to rebuild original file for a
new wall chart. User-selectable pages for added
material permitted so entire chart need not be
reprinted. =20
Other: BBSs ; WALLPED.ZIP and CompuServe Library 3:
Order from: Pamela Heidbrink, c/o Heidbrink Software Systems,
5402 Balboa Arms Dr., #437, San Diego, CA 92117;

George Archer Internet:
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