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From: Joe Bananas <>
Subject: Re: I need username and Password of
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 00:45:08 GMT

In article <>,
> wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone know how I could obtain a premium username and/or
> > for this website:
> You could be honest and pay, like the rest of us.
After seeing some of the recent postings here and in alt.genealogy on
things like software cracks, genealogy CDs on alt.binaries sites, and
now this, I'm not so sure there is a "rest of us" any more. It seems
that the explosive growth of the popularity of genealogy on the
internet has resulted in some rather undesirable persons (yeah, I know,
some would put me in that category, too) taking up our genteel
avocation. Or maybe it's just another sign of the decay of western
civilization. Whatever.

> > I am a volunteer genealogist trying to help people and cannot
> > afford this service on my own. I have helped nearly a 100 people
> > their heritage.
> ..and this entitles you to cheat and steal?
> Why not ask the 100 people to send you a dollar each?
Maybe s/he should ask the commanding officer at the Army Medical
Command or the base commanding officer at Ft. Sam Houston to buy
her/him an account to use on the base computers. I mean, if they don't
mind her/him using the Army's computers to ask for help in stealing
services, they shouldn't mind doing that, should they? Maybe I'll
forward the posting along to them and the base computer folks so they
can help set that up.

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