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From: (James Morton)
Subject: Re: The Names Database
Date: 8 Jun 2004 12:03:43 -0700
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Sherry <> wrote in message news:<>...
> Is anyone familiar with this website ( It sounds
> something like, has a free membership but a paid one to
> get the info.
> The home page is pretty sketchy, although there is an extensive privacy
> policy and a contact address (long PO Box number).

The site is a scam. The way it works is, the guy generates hundreds of
static HTML pages with nothing but "potential name combinations", the
URLs of which he submits to search engines like Google. Then when
people search for a name, one of his pages is almost guaranteed to
come up in the results, thus generating traffic to the site. (example:

The purpose of the site appears to be to generate a reliable mailing
list of known good addresses. You will be asked to either contribute
money, or to enter the email addresses of five people (which are
verified) and then you are shown just the NAME of the person you want
to search for. Yes, very useful information on this site, considering
you have to enter the name of the person you're searching for in order
to see their name! Want more info? Enter TWENTY MORE email addresses.

Either way the guy gets money when you send it to him, or add to his
address list which he no doubt sells. In return you get absolutely no
useful information, as you may have noticed by looking at one of the
many high school listings on his site - the names are all generated by
combining the first and last names in his database.

> Nothing to describe
> who's really behind it.

If you checked his registrar's whois database and other sources on the
Internet, you can find out who it is:
Name: Gabriel Weinberg

Gabriel claims to be an MIT alumni. If this is true, then his site is
a good indicator that MIT has gone way, way downhill in the past few

In addition to polluting search engines and collecting email
addresses, Gabriel also fancies himself a writer of parables:

He's also well known for his academic writings:

As well as launching his own media empire:

> Another name for the site is

Having multiple domain names is typical of spammers. That way if/when
their registrar cancels them, they can shift over to another domain,
much like a cockroach hiding from the light.

> I accessed the lists from there, but dang are they sketchy! Just a
> single name!
> I'm asking because someone I know had them send me an invitation to
> join.
> I'm already listed with and have been in touch with an
> old boyfriend!
> Sherry

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