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Subject: Re: [DNA] Tests & costs
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 19:34:00 EDT

Larry Shahan writes

> 1. What is the cost of the procedure?

Oxford Ancestors ( only does mtDNA analysis at
the moment; they do plan to offer Y-chromosome analysis for tracing male
lines later. They charge $180 for the first sample and $140 for subsequent
samples on the same order. They send you a report of your results and do not
maintain a database of results, so it's up to you to share your results
publicly or within a small research group of your own.

Family Tree DNA ( does both mtDNA analysis
($219) and Y-chromosome ($259). The web site says results are stored in a
private database and you can elect to be notified if matches are found. I'm
not sure what kind of report they send to you directly.

There are some other sites such as which will
perform forensic mtDNA analysis. This is considerably more expensive, over
$1000 the last time I checked. They sequence a longer region, repeat the
sequencing in the opposite direction, and need special clean rooms for
results which will stand up in court.

> 5. I looked at your report at:
> All I saw was a diagram
> and a group of alphabetic strings. Is this all there is to the report?

The report also includes some general explanatory material and background
about the seven major "clans" in Europe. This is your "deep" ancestry from
many thousands of years ago, and I think that part is just for fun. The
picture I uploaded was my personal report which assigned me to a clan and
gave me my exact sequence.

Everyone will have the same letters in the sequence for most part, but there
will be a few differences from the "Cambridge Reference Sequence,"
highlighted in red on their report. As far as I know, the Cambridge
Reference Sequence (CRS) is just the first person who happened to be
sequence, back in the 1980's. What you are looking for are people who have
the "same differences" if that makes sense!

Ann Turner

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