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From: "Orin R. Wells" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Intrepretation of the data and its relevance to Genealogy
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 14:27:04 -0800
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At 01:10 PM 11/17/00 -0800, Terry Carmichael wrote:

>A suggestion... in stead of working back through the family tree, start
from the back and work forward (I am sure that you have tried this, but you
may be surprised of how many people don't think of this). by starting with
Thomas Wells of Ipswich, MA, and trying to work forward to a common known
male ancestor, or hopefully a group of known male ancestors.<<

Actually, Thomas Wells is real, but I just used the name as an example. We
have quite a number of trees with both ends identified through many
different branches. We also have a ton of "orphans" or alien dropoffs.
Hopefully one thing this study will establish is how many actual different
Wells families we may be working with and how, if at all, they cross
somewhere in time. Once we have this we can start identifying where the
orphans fit in and give them something to work on rather than chasing every
name they find.

I think, that by using the female lines in conjunction with the male we may
be able to narrow it down better.

>>Once you locate them, then ask them to participate in your Y-DNA analysis
of the Wells

I probably have hundreds ready to go. Finding volunteers in this case is
not a problem. It is making sure we have the proper plan in place so we
don't waste everyone's time on this. If nothing else, we should be able to
exclude the alien theories. <bwg>

>>If your Y-DNA is similar to each others, then your hypothesis is
supported, if the Y-DNAs
do not match, then either it is an exclusion for the tree or possible

This non-paternity comes up pretty frequently. It will be interesting to
see how this plays out in our study. There are a fair amount of suspected
cases. This may help us prove it. Like I said, we have several known and
separate families. Not as bad as Smith or Jones, but not far removed. A
lot of research has been done on the Wells families for literally
generations. We are not without knowledge if you exclude the mistakes that
have crawled into the IGI and the Family Ancestry File that seem rooted for
all time. Possibly with the DNA testing we can begin to fix some of that
with conclusive proof.

>Maybe I am not understanding who is going to be participating in your
study, but it sounds like you
might be disappointed, and also achieve your goal, both at the same time.<<

We have hundreds of Wells family researchers and their extended families
and you can bet we will be reaching out to anyone we can identify to
establish a broad base.

>Best regards, and I hope that you will enlighten me when the ballots are
all counted.<<

If you are referring to the Florida Circus, I am afraid I am nor more
suited to enlighten than most. I have my theories, but this is a topic for
another area, not this list. Maybe we should require DNA testing of all
political candidates? <g>

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