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From: Al Bell <>
Subject: [DNA] Using the mtDNA Concordance???
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 16:15:04 -0500 (EST)
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Family Tree DNA wrote back to me and told me I have mitochondrial DNA
substitutions at positions 16111, 16223, 16235 and 16362.

I know that Family Tree DNA will eventually develop a wonderful human
family tree, with a red arrow pointing to "You are here!" but I'm really
impatient and want to know where I fit now.

Anyhow, I found one sample in the Mitochondrial Concordance that's for
someone who has all my substitutions plus one I don't think I have. The
bibliographic reference is for TWGDAM (the forensic DNA consortium)
104(JSL). It's not clear to me who at TWGDAM/SWGDAM answers questions
about the samples.

Does anyone know what the reference "104(JSL)" mean? Is that a page number
of a mitochondrial type? Also, does anyone know of anyone who would know
how TWGDAM samples fit into the A, D, H, etc. haplogroup tree? I assume
that I'm probably a weird A or D, but I figure I'd know more if I knew how
the 104(JSL) dude was grouped.

Thanks for reading this post.

a.l. bell

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