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From: Wanda Shepherd <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Using the mtDNA Concordance???
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 08:21:49 -0500
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One more question, it would diffinetly determine if your genes were all of
the same family, wouldn't it? Our family intermarried so much, I'm wondering if
my birth father was related to us. Thanks a lot....Wanda

"Orin R. Wells" wrote:

> At 11:23 PM 1/24/01 -0500, Wanda Shepherd wrote:
> > Do you believe if enough families participate, that a person could tell
> what their Birth family is? <<
> This would depend on the number of samples from the different families. I
> think we will be able to identify the Wells line in the case of the Males.
> Where we will be led on the maternal side is anyone's guess right now.
> >>Or their birth father?<<
> I doubt it unless the father just happens to participate and we get lucky.
> I also can not tell if in the case of Females who do not know what Wells
> line they are out of whether we will be able to find the clues to determine
> it. One can hope the BYU team will discover the keys to this sort of
> question. One of the risks will be that someone might find out their
> father is not their father. That should spark some interesting controversy.
> >>Would it tell if you had genes matching another family, that would give
> help in finding out your father's surname?<<
> I don't know enough to intelligently answer this question, but that never
> stopped me before.. As a female, you have X-chromosome material from both
> your father and your mother. However, the X-chromosome material from your
> father is what he got through his mother and is likely a mix of material
> from her mother and father to one degree or another. If the technology
> gets refined to a point where they can identify maternal lines more
> precisely than they can currently, then what might be possible is to match
> some of this with your father's mother and thereby be able to narrow down
> the scope, but it will be a great challenge to figure out who a specifc
> parent was using this technology today and especially if there are no
> samples in the study from the parents or near relatives.
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