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I agree whole-heartedly that the only thing that matters is the truth...
in a lot of cases though, it could be devistating simply because somewhere
down the line an ancestor has an affair that can't be pinpointed.....

In my case, one of my 3rd great grandmothers(according to family stories)
may have been a prostitute. I have found that she had at least 5 children
that all carry the same surname but have found no marriage record to date..
where would that leave me in the quest for the truth ???


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<< Mike brings up an excellent point. I would guess most of us on this list
to know -- but we're a self-selected group! We do need to keep in mind that
any testing we do for ourselves has implications for others.

Ann, that's very true.

As I've stated on this list before, I'm one of those who absolutely wants to
know who my biological line is. Having said that, it's certainly true that
scientific revelation can be a big disappointment to those who've spent
lives researching a particular line, only to find out in the end, they're
really "biologically" descended from the one they've always come to believe
their ancestor was.

As the project coordinator for the "Stidham Family DNA Study," my main
objective from the beginning was to confirm my relationship to a man whose
spent the past 30 years researching and writing about the Stidham family.
He's just about to release his long-awaited hardbound version of his book on
the family.

After completing the first phase of our study with 11 participants, it was
discovered that four of us "appeared" to be the carriers of our immigrant
ancestor, Timen Stiddem's, Y chromosome. This conclusion was reached based
the fact that the four of us in our group descended from no less than three
different documented sons of Timen. Six participants in a second group all
descended from just one of Timen's sons, but there haplotype was completely
different than our group. That information made us look further down the
genetic tree in that son's line to find a non-paternity event. An individual
has since been pin-pointed, but I won't go into that here. Ironically, the
man who's done all this work on the family is part of this group. This
revelation was a huge disappointment to this individual, and understandibly
so. At first he just wouldn't accept it, but has reluctantly come to do so.
Of course, everyone else in his group is greatly disappointed too. The
eleventh participant didn't match either group's haplotype.

So, I appear to be the one who is biologically descended from Timen Stiddem,
but was only interested in confirming that fact. If it had happened to turn
out the other way around, I could have easily accepted that fact and gone on
to the task of finding my REAL biological line. With this other individual
though, this new knowlege changes his perception of the family he's been
researching all these years, and his place in it.

I truly believe that in the years ahead, technology and its application to
genealogy will take us to the point where EVERYONE will know where they fit
"biologically" into mankind's genetic family tree. In the near term though,
scientifically rendered analysis which is hard to dispute, will cause some
rejoice in their new-found identities, and others to mourn their loss.

Richard Steadham
Newsletter Editor
The Timen Stiddem Society

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