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Subject: [DNA] Anyone for Pie?
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 20:22:00 EST

Hello All,

Since I am more of a visual, rather than word person, I decided to make a pie
chart to more easily see and comprehend one of the concepts being talked
about on this list, i.e, the percentages of DNA we inherit from our ancestors
in the first few generations back from ourselves. After completing it, I
thought it might help other “word-challenged” listers on this board too, if
I posted it to a web site that can be referred back to at any time with a

For any of the scientists on the list, I welcome any corrections or
clarifications to the chart to help make it as useful as can be. It can be
found at:

Don't leave any crumbs!

Richard Steadham
The Stidham* Family DNA Study Coordinator
Newsletter Editor and Webmaster
The Timen Stiddem Society

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