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From: Orin Wells <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Re: A DNA genealogical mystery
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 21:18:55 -0700
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At 10:01 AM 7/19/01 +0100, Doug Mumma wrote:

>>The distribution map of men who also share the MUMMA surname haplotype
can be observed at The red dots shows the
cities where the 27 matches occurred. As you can see, they are scattered
all over Europe. The MUMMA surname does not exist in Europe and there are
only 60 or so MOMMA listings in the German telephone directory and few
elsewhere. Obviously, the 27 matches share different surnames.<<

If I may interject here. This makes perfect sense to me. As discussed
earlier this week, surnames came into play a long time after humans were
scattered all over Europe. Presumably many men in different locations were
from the same family/tribe. When it came time to adopt surnames many of
these could be expected to pick different surnames. What you are probably
observing is linkages going back possibly many hundreds of years if not

There are really only two things we can hope to get out of the y-chromosome
DNA study. 1) finding matches with men who carry the same or similar
surnames in order to figure out which are actually related to each other
and hoping we can find a few mutations along the way to separate them out
still further. 2) matches with other surnames which tells us that there IS
a link between the different surnames that probably predates either family
taking on a surname (or someone changed his name for some reason we may
never determin). Tracing one or the other as far back as possible may lead
to an identification of the origin of both families prior to the year 1100
give or take a couple hundred years or so.

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