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From: "Allan S. Gleason" <>
Subject: Re: Jewish and Arab DNA (was Re: [DNA] Walker DNA Project)
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 00:53:39 -0700
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Hi Leo,
Not exactly sure what you're trying to say or ask, but it seems to me
that with just one Adam and Eve pair, the idea of race is not relevant
be it the DNA Adam and Eve or the Biblical Adam and Eve. There are some
Creationists who believe that The Earth's Creation occurred at 5315 B.C.
according to the Septuagent [The Septuagent translation of the Torah was
done between 285 and 244 B.C.E]. That would make the Earth 7,316 years
old at present. However, such discussions is not the province of this
site - there are many other web sites dedicated to such discussions.

It seems logical to me that the races came about through the migration
and isolation of groups of people over long periods of time in varied
environments. Racial differences then resulted from gradual genetic
mutations from their original common condition.

If that is true, I would suspect that sometime in the future with the
world's populations more accessible, the races will eventually remix and
we will again all be more similar in appearance. And that is what race
is mostly, appearance.

Make sense?

"Leo K. Barton" wrote:
> Ann
> Thank you for the update. It amazes me that no one has written to say
> that according to the Bible we all are descendants of Noah. Wouldn't
> that make us all to some extent Jewish? The great flood is believed to
> be some 4000 years ago. Question please. Can someone that is
> knowledgeable about the Adam and Eve theory enlighten us as to what race
> these people were. After all if we all came from one original father and
> one original mother then it would be obvious that we all came from one
> original race. Thanks again.
> Leo
> wrote:
> >
> > <HTML>>In a message dated 08/12/01 2:15:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> > writes:<BR>
> >
> > >Now, new DNA-based research reveals a genetic link between Jews and<BR>
> > Palestinians, suggesting the two peoples, locked in a bitter struggle<BR>
> > for more than a century, indeed share a common ancestry dating back<BR>
> > 4,000 years. The study, published Tuesday in The Proceedings of the<BR>
> > National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C., says the Y chromosome<BR>
> > found in Jewish men may go back to a common pool of Middle Eastern<BR>
> > ancestors. </BLOCKQUOTE><BR>
> >
> > Thanks for the article, Allan. However, acting in my role as benevolent
> > dictator, I should probably caution you that posting that much material might
> > be a violation of copyright. If you can post a link, that would be better. <BR>
> >
> > But nonetheless, I used a couple of key words from the article, Bonne-Tamir
> > Jewish, and searched at PubMed
> > to find the original
> > article -- and it's online at
> > The lead author is M.F. Hammer, who has some affiliation with Family Tree
> > DNA, I believe. <BR>
> >
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