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From: "Leo K. Barton" <>
Subject: Re: Jewish and Arab DNA (was Re: [DNA] Walker DNA Project)
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 01:26:36 -0700
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I would hope that what you suggest does not happen. What I stated was/
is a legitimate question. I hope that the day has not arrived yet when
we are afraid to ask questions.


> In a message dated 01-08-13 02:19:11 EDT, you write:
> << It amazes me that no one has written to say
> that according to the Bible we all are descendants of Noah. >>
> The most likely reason is because on every list that I've seen this subject
> come up it ALWAYS ends in a big argument over religion (creation) vs
> evolution that tends to get so heated that the List Administrator has to step
> in and end the "debate." :-)
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> Bill
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