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From: "Allan S. Gleason" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Matching Site
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 17:42:49 -0800
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Well, Orin, ask and ye shall receive.
I agree with others that the name should include both genealogy and DNA. The
word "match" is nice but there are too many other applications for DNA matching
such as in law enforcement. If you don't like 'genealogy' or it is overused,
how about 'generationalDNA' or 'ancestralDNA' but not 'incestralDNA'! :>)

If you named it you might even be able to sell it someday to
Ancestry! Of course, then we'd all have to pay for matching.


"Orin R. Wells" wrote:

> At 08:48 PM 11/10/01 +0000, Alan Savin wrote:
> >Orin,
> >
> >My (late) observations/suggestions re site address.
> >
> >1. Genealogy, which is what we are about, does not really feature in the
> >list below.
> So, what name do YOU have in mind?
> I believe that it needs to reflect the nature of the site and it needs to
> be easy to find and remember.
> >
> >2. I presume we are using Y chromosome DNA matches only (i.e. not mtDNA),
> >so the name should be more specific to this.
> That is not my presumption at all. Granted those of us interested in
> surname searches and in surname studies will focus on this, but there are
> a LOT of people who are more focused on mtDNA, so I am thinking of this as
> servicing both areas although perhaps in two different sections of the site.
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