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From: "Orin R. Wells" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Stumbling Blocks in Study
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 20:27:17 -0800
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At 10:01 PM 11/12/01 -0400, Lisa Simms wrote:

>Your thoughts appreciated.

The good news is that not all descendants of your branches will feel this
way. I have run into the same problem but not a cost resistence (yet). It
is usually fruitless to try to turn anyone who has made up his/her mind
that they do not want to participate for some reason. You have to move on
and try to find another in the family who is willing. The bad news is that
not everyone in any family is interested in Family History let alone using
DNA to validate existing genealogy or even uncover new information.

I have 24 families (different Wells lines) in the study we are running.
One line turned out to have no male descendants living that anyone knows
about. In two other lines we have not been able to find any living male
descendants let alone any who are willing to participate. In yet two
others we have not been able to find more than two male descendants who are
willing. We have found others, even some who are interested in Family
History BUT no way were they going to particpate.

You just have to move on. In the back of your mind you can let flicker the
faint thought that once you prove the value of the study some may convert
and want to participate. But, don't count on it. You can only do as much
as you can. You may have to expand your "net" wider than the group you
have been dealing with.

In my opinion there is no danger of "future databases" representing an
"invasion of privacy" or "loss of freedom" in this area of study as long as
the confidentiality is maintained with regard to the original physical DNA
samples. It it isn't the companies/labs responsible for the safeguarding
of this information would surely end up with a very serious financial
threat from their clients. The test results we are after would be of
absolutely no use to anyone in the present or future even if they got ahold
of them.

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