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From: "Kenneth V. Graves" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Getting Participants for DNA Studies
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 10:22:41 -0500
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An issue that applies to all aspects of one-name studies including DNA
studies is how to get participants, especially in other countries. For many
years I have been trying to interest people to participate in various
aspects of the Graves/Greaves.etc. one name study. Many people seem to
believe that because they spell their surname differently, because they
don't know their connection to you (if there is one), because they live in a
different area, etc., you can't help them and there is no reason they should
be interested in your one-name study. I have had most difficulty in
interesting descendants in other countries. Since England is the origin of
most of the Graves and Greaves families of America, that has been of most
interest, but we are also interested in families from Germany, Ireland,
France, Holland, etc., as well as other spellings.

The reason for this message is to get more ideas for getting interest and
involvement from descendants in other countries, with other surname
spellings, etc., especially to participate in a DNA study. Among the ideas
so far are:
(1) Look in telephone directories (paper and online) for people with the
surnames of interest and contact those people.
(2) Send press releases to newspapers, genealogical societies, and online
mailing lists about the project.
(3) Send paid advertisements to newspapers in the areas of interest.
(3) Offer to pay the costs of DNA testing for participants (contingent on
their submitting enough ancestral information to make their test result
(4) Contact all descendants who are presently known and ask them to suggest
people in the areas of interest.
(5) Travel to the areas of interest and try to recruit participants.
(6) Contact people by phone when they don't respond to e-mail and letter,
and when it is believed they may be of probable interest.
(7) Others I have probably forgotten.

All other thoughts will be much appreciated.

Ken Graves

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