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Subject: Re: [DNA] McGregors -- Y-STR male line Clan Consequences
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 19:25:33 EST

In a message dated 1/7/02 4:59:57 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> We have done 6 MacGregors so far and 5 match or have one mutation, 1 is a
> different HG. Until we have more results we won't know whether this is two
> separate lines or simply evidence of a 'non-paternity' event. At the
> moment the group of 5 DOES include our Chief's DNA signature.
> Richard McGregor


I dropped my jaw when I read your email. This morning I sent the McGehee
list an email asking whether there were any of the males who'd thought about
working up a DNA study to prove our "legend" that our group of Virginia
McGehees descend from the younger son James of Patrick MacGregor & Marian
MacDonald of Glencoe MacDonalds, Patrick being chieftain of the "Children of
the Mist" ("sub"?)clan. I asked whether any of "you" Virginia originated
McGehee males would be interested, and whether anyone had contacts with the
Scottish Clan members.

Below is an excerpt from a letter to a descendant of VA in 1970 from the then
Clan Chief who was a descendant of Iain MacGregor, elder son of Patrick &
Marian above.

"From a letter by Sir Gregor MacGregor, 2 February 1970: "There were, in
fact, two Patricks living at this time who were distant cousins. The first
was Patrick MacGregor of that Ilk, 13th Chief of Clan Gregor, led his Clan
under Montrose in 1644 and fought at the battles of Inverlochy and Kilsyth in
1645. . . . The other Patrick MacGregor of Ardchoille (called Aberach after
his father), Chieftain of the Children of the Mist and is also said to have
fought under Montrose at Kilsyth in 1645. He would, of course have been
subordiante to the other patrick who was his Chief. He married Marion
MacDonald of Auchatrichatan in Glencoe member of the family of the MacDonalds
of Glencoe and, perhaps, a distant relative of the MacDonalds of Sleat. By
her, with other children, he had two sons---- Iain, his heir, and James who
settled in Virginia and was your ancestor. I am directly descended from his
elder brother, Iain, as a matter of interest. In the latter half of the 16th
century, this branch of the Clan led such wild and hunted lives in the misty
mountains that they became know as MacEagh or "Sons of the Mist." It may be
that it is from this Gaelic patronym that James MacGregor took the name

The original immigrant who fought with Montrose in the 1740s, son James, is
supposed to have changed his name to Wm MackGayhee, and had sons Thomas (from
whom I'm said to descend) and Wm.


I'll email you privately, but it is good to know you already have 5
samples...Though, yes I do realize that even IF McGehees tracing back to
Virginia match, there are still questions.

My best regards,
Janet (Baugh) Hunter -- actually I have another line from a Patrick
McGrigorie who was in Perth in the 1680s and took a group of immigrants to
New York, where they had their land confiscated (again), and some ended up in
NC, fleeing with some other Presbyterians.

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