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Subject: RE: [DNA] my Y chromosome match with another surname
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 22:47:16 -0800
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Steve, the FTDNA markers are now all revealed and can be used to search
the European YSTR database and the smaller US YSTR database at the same
site. I presume you have already plugged your numbers into the FTDNA
ethnicity calculator. (I got 33 hits there when I put your numbers in
(using my code to get in incidentally, sorry Bennett.) That is out of
about 6000 samples.

Below, the first row of numbers is the FTDNA number, the second row is
the DYS number, the third row is your values from below, the fourth row
is the number you have to add to compare the FTDNA numbers with the YSTR
database and the final row are the resulting numbers in the YSTR



Entering your numbers in the US YSTR Database at
Found nine matches in an African American population of 599, 25 matches
in a European-American population sample of 628, and 19 matches in a
Hispanic population sample of 478.

The same site has a larger database taken from a European population.
You can search that at (notice this is different
from the URL we have been using. At least it's easier to remember. It's
the same.) There I got 277 matches for your numbers. I will leave it
to you to go there and enter the numbers and study the maps for what
they are worth. Your matches seem to me to be spread out all over the
place but maybe you can make some sense out of them.

You match the Atlantic Modal Haplotype perfectly as I understand it.
That haplotype is defined by the following values:


This is a very common haplotype. I don't know much about the other
defined haplotypes. That's on my list to find out.

You will want to go to these sites and play with the search function.
Try changing different numbers by one and see what happens.

I have been working on these two databases all week and have now got
spreadsheets and graphs for the frequencies of the alleles for almost
all the markers (except DYS385 which is taking longer as there are so
many combinations.) I am planning to get what I have up on a website by
the end of the weekend so you can see where your numbers fall compared
to other people's. I'll post the website as soon as I get it all up.


Ps It would behoove you to check my numbers! One bit of help Bennett
Greenspan gave me was to point out that 7 + 6 is 13, not 12 as I had
calculated in my excitement!

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Thank you for responding to my RootWeb post "my Y chromosome match with
another surname." In your message to me you said,

<<Glen may have posted his actual results already, but we could check
the Y
database again now that FTDNA has released the official names and
factors for all 12 markers. This would give us some sense of whether the

haplotype is one of the more common ones.>>

The following are the results of my Y-chromosome test

Loci 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
alleles 5 8 5 6 5 8 5 4 4 5 7 5
Loci designations for 1-DYS393, 2-DYS390, 3-DYS394, 4-DYS391, 8-DYS388,

To be very honest, I'm quite new to DNA testing and don't understand a
lot of
what I am reading. So, any information you can provide about the test
results would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Steve Etheridge

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