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From: "Bonner, Gregg" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] the mtDNA descent database
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 05:25:12 -0500

I am not sure you are addressing my project or not. Most daughters carry the
surname of their father until they get married. My database isn't going to
change that very much.

The idea of the database is not really that you will see your matriarch in
there, and suddenly notice some feature of the names which enables you to
determine relationship a priori.

Here is my dream scenario. I find an mtDNA database. I scan (or search) the
names and it turns up a "Femalename Grant", born 1791 in Abbeville, SC, and
died in Randolph Co., AL. And the ancestry of this Grant is known rock-solid
for several generations along all branches. Hmmm, I have a female grant
ancestress born about that time in Abbeville, who died in Randolph. And I
know she had a sister named 'Femalename'. I wonder if that is her. Here is
her mtDNA signature - "X". Okay, I am not descended purely maternally from
Miss Grant, but her daughter's daughter's daughter's son is my dad's dad.
And gramps had a sister, who had a daugher who is still living. Ring Ring.
Better yet, my first cousin once removed has ALREADY had her mtDNA

It is really just like a Y study, only the target is moving a little, and so
you can'y use the "phonebook shotgun" method to solicit testees.



I'm still a little confused on getting a maternal line from most of the
programs available. In Janet Hunter's case where she's sorry she merged
paternal lines and her maternal lines into a "mega gedcom", misses the
point. For
example if I extracted my mother's side of the family into a separate
database, it
would still be a paternal system! Granted it would include her mother
and her
mother's mother as far as I got, but it would still be paternalistic
with her father
as chief honcho!

The program I use (Generations) uses a "card" system and allows you to
"mark" your
cards individually or by search. Thus you could go through your
paternalistic database and mark and subsequently list, etc. those
maternal cards of
interest and even Gedcom or transfer them into their own database.

It seems to me that the main problem is that our society is surname
and a maternal database has no identifier to latch onto to create a
maternal lineage
- at least not easily.


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