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From: "Allan S. Gleason" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Re: eye colour and racial descent
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 22:27:35 -0700
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Know what you mean Janet. My family was already here when Elis Island was still an
island, not an institution.

My eyes are brown, my mother's eyes were brown, my father's eyes were brown. So far
as I know, their parent's eyes were brown. My wife's eyes are blue - what chance
did she have? My son's eyes are brown. One son married a Chippewa and my resulting
beautiful grandchildren have brown eyes! Surprised?

My third son has a brand new daughter with dark blue eyes. His wife is blue eyed.
I see this granddaughter as having a 25% chance of being blue eyed - otherwise she
will be just as brown eyed as the rest of us.

More importantly, have you noticed that everyone on TV has blue eyes? Some of them
even seem to glow! I find it most distracting. Does everyone in New York have blue
eyes and everyone in California outside of Hollywood have brown?

Ann, you're a Californian, take a look in the mirror and tell us what color your
eyes are.



> brother has one hazel eye and one very light green eye??? We had a
> cat once with two different eye colors. His sisters have brown eyes. My
> father's eyes are hazel, my mother's dark brown. Both my parents' lines
> have eye colors of all varieties if pictures and descriptions in draft cards,
> military documents, and other descriptions are any indication -- not to
> mention person-to-person observation of aunts and uncles.
> My children's father has a similar motley contribution; he and his siblings
> have brown eyes. His mother has blue eyes, etc., etc.. Our children all
> have brown eyes, but I suspect if one of them married a blue eyed person who
> had blue eyed parents, they could easily come up with a blue eyed offspring.
> What I know about my back ground (both parents in the Ozarks in the 1850s) is
> that it is a motley mix of real early VA settlers, early MD settlers on both
> sides close to Chesapeake Bay, early NC settlers (probably via VA), Quakers
> and Germans who came through PA and down the Shenandoah to NC or TN, and a
> bunch of unknown wives, particularly amongst those who were pushing the
> frontiers in VA/TN/NC, at least one of whom was probably an Indian (ggg
> grandfather Powhatan Choate!) and I have many of the popular Melungeon
> surnames. I suspect that with the proper mate I could have produced almost
> any eye color in my children.
> I am always interested in those of you have more "pure lines", just as people
> who know I am interested in genealogy are always disappointed that I couldn't
> help them do Ellis Island research to save my life -- well maybe, save my
> life, but...
> Best Regards,
> Janet Hunter
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