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From: "Allan S. Gleason" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] How/Why to plan study
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 11:32:32 -0700
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Hi Norman,
With a family organization already established, you shouldn't have any problems at all getting started with a DNA study since usually the problem is finding donors. Probably the first thing to do which has been mentioned many times before on this list would be for you to go to Chris Pomery's web site where he lists the
100 or so family studies and their web sites. With each site he also mentions the name of the laboratory where the analysis is being performed.

Also you could browse and/or search this List's archives for information (other than eye color and bone formations). There is a lot of good stuff presented by a number of knowledgeable people. For starters you might search our list administrator, Ann Turner's postings and branch out from there. You can find the link
to the archive at:

Jordan, very interesting. Have never run into that surname in 1600's New England, Watertown, etc. Do you know where the Reverend first settled? Salem, perhaps, or on up into New Hampshire?


Norman Jordan wrote:

> I have been lurking in the background for couple weeks. I am interested in what can be found out to help the genealogy study of a extended family. I am into genealogy. Not eye color or shape of skull. Also most of the messages on studies are above my head. I need it in English.
> Can anyone tell me how to plan a DNA study on a family? What are we going to find out? How much may it cost. If this is a good idea? Are we going to find out something that some may not want to find? Any university or group that may help us.
> My family is Jordan and we have a family organization of descendants of Rev. Robert Jordan born Worcester England 1612, came to New England early 1640's. We have over 300 members all over the US. few in Canada and other countries.
> In July 2004 we will be having a Family reunion. Expect around 275/300 to attend with maybe 175 being Jordan descendants.
> I know of a large Jordan family organization in Calif. that I believe came from England to VA. in 1600's and a very large family (do not think they have organization) descendant's of a Samuel Jordan born England came to Virginia early 1600's. Maybe we can get groups from these families to join us with a larger study?
> Norman Jordan
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