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From: Bill McCeney <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] DNA Test Result Matches Between Different Surnames
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 16:56:10 -0500
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The results are indicating that "(1) they are descended from a common ancestor
many generations ago before surnames were adopted".

The information that I have compiled from web sites and emails shows that Graves
(1339, 1367, 1391, 1454) are a 12/12 match with Bell (301), and Graves (1438) is a
12/12 match with Lancelot Roper.

Graves, Bell, and Roper are thought to be English names that evolved from a
profession. These families probably shared an ancestor prior to 1400AD.

Your thoughts?

Bill McCeney

"Kenneth V. Graves" wrote:

> In off-list correspondence, John German mentioned that 2 of his Jarman
> results exactly matched Graves results. This is a question that has been
> discussed somewhat previously. The standard answers (as I understand and
> remember them) seem to be: (1) they are descended from a common ancestor
> many generations ago before surnames were adopted, (2) they are not
> descended from a common ancestor but their DNA just happens to have arrived
> at the same place for the markers that were tested by a different route, (3)
> the results are not really the same because they are in different
> haplogroups (I don't understand this last argument -- it suggests that there
> are other markers that should have been tested but weren't).
> This issue bothers me, since it raises the possibility that some tests may
> not always show what we think they do. And I am not completely satisfied
> with the answers that have been given, especially #3 above. Would anyone
> care to elaborate further.
> Ken Graves
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