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Subject: Re: [DNA] Native American DNA
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 11:54:36 -0800

Or would the female line never be able to match a Y-chrom without a known male counter part?


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At 10:42 AM 1/27/02 -0800, Charlotte Coats wrote:
>There is some conflict as to whether Native Americans particularly Cherokee
>came via the islands of Alaska via whatever is on the other side of those
>islands Russia?? or south American...perhaps they are in hopes of finding
>out what the migration patterns were before they got to the US...

I think this is exactly what they are doing. But again, I have asked, but
not received an answer to why the concentration on the Cherokee and Navajo.
I can only guess there is something special there that they have
identified in previous research. Like they are somehow different from the
Apache, Hopi, Souix, South American, Eastern etc.

>I am a known female descendant of a Cherokee both ggggggrandmother and
>ggggggrandfather...but it's from my dad's side of the family...
>When they do the Native testing does that also include other lines...i.e. if
>you just do a Native American test will it include the white lines as
>well...<g>...sorry couldn't think of another way to put that...and as a
>female would I have to test both male and female sides of the family?

If they are looking at mtDNA or y-Chromosome DNA there would only be one
choice for you and that would be the mtDNA analysis. However, in your case
this would not help because your mtDNA comes from your mother with no
contribution from your father where the Native American ancestry lies. I
think they will need to look at other nuclear DNA for the answers and to
refine the analysis. But I dont' know really.

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