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Hi, every time I read something of this nature, I can't help but wonder if
new technology was carried by migrating bands of people or if it was
specific technology carried by a very few people, traders perhaps, who moved
freely across enormous distances, unemcumbered by wives, children, dogs,
etc. Somewhat like the French trappers who moved across Canada and down into
the United States, bringing their DNA and their technology but leaving no
trace other than that. This sort of movement is extremely difficult to
trace. For years there has been talk of Chinese junks landing on the
California coast. What did they bring? DNA? The ability to cast bells?
Have fun proving any of it. Sandy

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"Sandi" <> writes:
> Hi, there's even talk that in tracing the origin of the clovis point,
> they
> are beginning to believe that many early settlers came from the
> Iberian
> peninsula. I seem to remember reading somewhere that DNA testing
> seems to
> substantiate this. Sandy

Perhaps not substantiate the Iberian peninsula - but strongly hint
that Amerindian DNA is diverse in considerable ways - leading to
speculation that early Europeans, et al, may have left genes and
projectile points - not necessarily in that order!
In two small museums in Normandy and La Rochelle France I nearly
flipped when I saw two "clovis" style points on display. I have 3 such
that I have collected and the match was nearly perfect! The need
for such a style, experts say, exists because the successful spearing
of great animals (Mastodon, Giant Buffalo, etc) depends of somehow
entering the rib cage with a held projectile without always risking dying

immediately after! the fluting of the points allows that to happen as the

point's bulk is nearly halved by the fluting process. In Barnaul,
I again nearly flipped when I saw another such point - same size , same
conformation!! The curator said that it was different from all the
and was found in a leather sack in a permafrost burial - he thought
would be about 3500 years ago. [my theory is that it was kept in
wonderment by those intrepid hunters and was found by them lost -
from millennia before]
My Clovis points include a Pennsylvania type stone point found on the
Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland along with Giant
Buffalo bones; and two petrified wood specimens from two sites in
Colorado. (8 to11 thousands years ago)
After experiencing many such unusual findings , one is left to wonder
about migrations and movement in earlier days. I have gradually come
to see that peoples have almost always had the ability to move very far
very fast... Perhaps early man came to [and left from] this continent
many times?!
Dick Matteson College Park, MD

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