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Subject: Re: [DNA] Hereditary myopia
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 09:03:54 EST

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> Please can anyone tell me whether myopia is passed on equally by male or

A good place to check for hereditary conditions is OMIM (Online Mendelian
Inheritance in Man). When you plug "myopia" into the search engine there,
some of the entries will have links like 6p21.3, Xp11.4, and 21q22.3. The
first number refers to the chromosome where a gene connected with myopia was
found; p and q mean short and long arm of the chromosome, and the rest of the
numbers localize the gene on that arm. There are several X entries, so myopia
could be a sex-linked condition.

> If I'm on the wrong list please direct me to the right one and accept my
> apologies!

Our primary focus is the kind of DNA testing currently used for genealogy.
These tests use markers on the Y chromosome or mitochondrial DNA which don't
code for anything, so they aren't associated with any physical
characteristics. We make brief excursions into other areas, but extended
discussions belong elsewhere (although I don't know just where I'd refer you
for a question like yours).

Ann Turner
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