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From: "Earl Beaty" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] genetics talks at GENTECH
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 14:51:50 -0700
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I sat through all of the five Friday presentations on genetics at the recent
GENTECH meeting, but I can't compete with Ellen in reporting what was said.
I didn't hear all that was said, and my notes are very poor. Memory is not
what it once was.

This program was set up by bringing in genetics experts to educate people
with little genetic knowledge or experience. I believe that Joan Mitchell
is the only one who has been attending this series of meetings. The first
couple of speakers tried to start at the beginning, and the others used that
as a reason to skip on to the more interesting stuff. As others have
reported, Brian Sykes is an entertaining speaker. My impression was that
everything he said was in the Seven Daughters book. Certainly the tone was
that he was not trying to present the latest wrinkles.

In general, members of this list who have been really paying attention would
not have learned much. Learning is enhanced by having things repeated, and
I benefited from some of that. Of course it doesn't do any good to learn if
one can't remember.<g>

There seemed to be little presence of this list at the meeting. I didn't
hear this list, or even Rootsweb mentioned. I saw Ken but it wasn't
convenient to say hello. I identified Ann making a comment in the discussion
session. I don't know anything about Ann's appearance and the
identification was based only on the comment -- it was something which Ann
would say. I thought of trying to check the name badge, but I knew that Ann
said she wouldn't attend. Ellen said that she wasn't the mystery lady
either. An interesting puzzle.

The next meeting of GENTECH will be in Phoenix next January. The call for
papers will be going out soon. The local organizers do not have genetics
listed in the preferred list. This is simply because it is not traditional.
Ralph J. Crandall, Executive Director, New England Historic Genealogical
Society was quoted as saying: "Genetics is the newest frontier in
genealogy." I believe that GENTECH 2003 would welcome research papers on
genealogy-genetics. This could be a place for some of the list members to
get together and discuss results in a more personal way. The way to make
the technology of genealogy through genetics become more recognized is to
get on the program. Those presenting papers get at least part of the
expenses paid.

--Earl Beaty
Boulder CO

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> Mark Grace asks, about Bryan Sykes's comments on his DYSON Ycs study:
> > Did you get any feeling whether this presentation had been
> > corrected or was his story still the same?
> I admit that I wasn't taking notes nearly as detailed for Sykes's talk
> as I was for the later panel (so I'm not your most reliable informant
> -- did anyone else on this list attend the talk?), but I came away
> with the distinct impression that he believed most DYSONs to be the
> descendants of this Dionysia person. So I guess the answer is "his
> story is probably still the same." Sorry.
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