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Subject: Re: [DNA] Testing Australian parents' DNA + 'other' genetic material
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 03:22:49 -0400
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Lurking and learning, but slowly. Thanks, Allan, for the clarity of your
answer to Karen. I think a number of the points will be useful to me in the
future. I've just received my report from FTDNA and will do some additional
reading before asking specific questions about that on list -- though I seem
to have results from a 12-marker test when I ordered the one for 21 markers.
But I'm contacting the company about that.

My question now: you make the point that, "The male has his mother's DNA
but he doesn't pass it on." I understand this, but wonder if there is other
genetic material from his mother that he does pass on to children. The
same for the female side: It seems to me there 'must' be some genetic
connection between me and my mother's father, even if my mother, lacking the
Ycs, could not pass that on to me. For many of us there is a strong
emotional desire to explore, and honor, all the connections up there in the
family tree, not just the surname line on the father's side and the mtDNA
line on the mother's side. For me, there is powerful psychological impact
in the idea that I 'share blood' with everyone north of me in the tree. My
father's maternal grandfather, for instance, was apparently a charming rogue
from the north of Ireland. And I like the idea that there's a bit of this
Andrew McVinnie somewhere here in this English-Green body of mine.

Thanks again for your answer to Karen, and for your patience with beginners.
Bob Green

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Subject: Re: [DNA] Testing my Australian parents' DNA

> Ah! Another Aussie, welcome, Karen! I think there are several of you on
this list.
> First, you don't need to see a doctor for genealogical DNA testing. You
arrange via
> the Internet with one of the three major companies (there are, I'm sure
others, but
> I don't know who they are) to have your DNA tested.
> The DNA test which closely follows the surname is of the Y-chromosome,
Ycs, which,
> of course comes from your father.

It was passed down to him from his father
> virtually unchanged and on and on and on. It will NOT have anything to do
with any
> of your grandmothers or other grandfathers from other lines.
> The "mitochondrial DNA", mtDNA, test comes from small globules within
every cell.
> It is passed from the mother to all of her children so that the mtDNA is
the same
> for both girls and boys. In this case, the female passes that same DNA to
> children and on and on and on. The male has his mother's DNA but he
doesn't pass it
> on.

> MtDNA passing from mother to daughter is your mother's haplotype and
doesn't have
> anything to do with your father or any other grandmothers from other
lines. > Finally, unless you have a brother, you may want to have your
father tested since he
> Karen Chessell wrote:
> > Dear Learned List-members,
> > My father (83 years) and mother (78 years) are in principle willing to
> > their DNA tested, dependent upon what it will cost. They have spoken to
> > their GP (local doctor) about this who asks what kind of test they want.
> > They live in Perth, Western Australia

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