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Subject: Re: [DNA] Testing Australian parents' DNA + 'other' genetic material
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 08:40:12 -0400
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I don't think you need DNA testing to see that the "charming" part of the
rogue got passed down to you! (:-) Seriously, these are good questions
which I'm also wondering about. Could we get an answer in English, please,
since I don't read DNA-ese yet?!

Also lurking, Anne

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Subject: Re: [DNA] Testing Australian parents' DNA + 'other' genetic

> Lurking and learning, but slowly. Thanks, Allan, for the clarity of your
> answer to Karen. I think a number of the points will be useful to me in
> future. I've just received my report from FTDNA and will do some
> reading before asking specific questions about that on list -- though I
> to have results from a 12-marker test when I ordered the one for 21
> But I'm contacting the company about that.
> My question now: you make the point that, "The male has his mother's DNA
> but he doesn't pass it on." I understand this, but wonder if there is
> genetic material from his mother that he does pass on to children. The
> same for the female side: It seems to me there 'must' be some genetic
> connection between me and my mother's father, even if my mother, lacking
> Ycs, could not pass that on to me. For many of us there is a strong
> emotional desire to explore, and honor, all the connections up there in
> family tree, not just the surname line on the father's side and the mtDNA
> line on the mother's side. For me, there is powerful psychological
> in the idea that I 'share blood' with everyone north of me in the tree.
> father's maternal grandfather, for instance, was apparently a charming
> from the north of Ireland. And I like the idea that there's a bit of this
> Andrew McVinnie somewhere here in this English-Green body of mine.
> Thanks again for your answer to Karen, and for your patience with beginner
> Bob Green
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> Subject: Re: [DNA] Testing my Australian parents' DNA
> > Ah! Another Aussie, welcome, Karen! I think there are several of you
> this list.
> >
> > First, you don't need to see a doctor for genealogical DNA testing. You
> arrange via
> > the Internet with one of the three major companies (there are, I'm sure
> others, but
> > I don't know who they are) to have your DNA tested.
> >
> > The DNA test which closely follows the surname is of the Y-chromosome,
> Ycs, which,
> > of course comes from your father.
> It was passed down to him from his father
> > virtually unchanged and on and on and on. It will NOT have anything to
> with any
> > of your grandmothers or other grandfathers from other lines.
> >
> > The "mitochondrial DNA", mtDNA, test comes from small globules within
> every cell.
> > It is passed from the mother to all of her children so that the mtDNA is
> the same
> > for both girls and boys. In this case, the female passes that same DNA
> her
> > children and on and on and on. The male has his mother's DNA but he
> doesn't pass it
> > on.
> > MtDNA passing from mother to daughter is your mother's haplotype and
> doesn't have
> > anything to do with your father or any other grandmothers from other
> lines. > Finally, unless you have a brother, you may want to have your
> father tested since he
> > Karen Chessell wrote:
> >
> > > Dear Learned List-members,
> > > My father (83 years) and mother (78 years) are in principle willing to
> have
> > > their DNA tested, dependent upon what it will cost. They have spoken
> > > their GP (local doctor) about this who asks what kind of test they
> > > They live in Perth, Western Australia
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