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From: Glennon/McNeil <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Relative Genetics/ results
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 13:49:17 -0400
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While my Glennon family Y-DNA project is at FTDNA, I did get my personal
sample tested by Rel.Gen./Ancestry just to make a comparison and to get
some results on additional markers. Yes, it took a very long time to
get the results but I didn't keep a record of how long.

Comparing scores, I was given a B & E for DYS 385 a & b respectively. I
believe that the E has not been reported by anyone else here yet. And I
got a D & G for YCAII a & b.

All of the markers tested by both labs matched EXCEPT for DYS 388.
FTDNA reported 12 on that marker and Rel.Gen./Ancestry reported a 13.
Is this is the first report of a non match at 388? Perhaps I am not
understanding Ancestry's number correctly. My 12 on 388 at FTDNA
matches 19 other Glennons tested one at a time there; so, at this point
I am inclined to wonder about the Rel.Gen./Ancestry number.

Ancestry has some nice verbiage associated with the test results of the
type that visitors to their web site will recognize right away. There
is one thing that is worth pointing out under the heading of "Most
Recent Common Ancestor" that raised some questions in my mind based on
statistics that I have seen earlier. It is:

# of Mismatches - 0
Median Number of Generations - 3.6
Possible Range in 95% Interval - 0.1 to 19.2

# of Mismatches - 1
Median Number of Generations - 8.9
Possible Range in 95% Interval - 1.3 to 29.7

# of Mismatches - 2
Median Number of Generations - 14.5
Possible Range in 95% Interval - 3.4 to 39.3

Compared to the numbers that we have seen reported here earlier, these
are way too small. Assuming that this is incorrect, this is a serious
error and problem for Ancestry users.

I would be interested in hearing from more knowledgeable people on these

Clarke Glennon

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