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Subject: [DNA] Middleton Surname results
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 22:05:20 EDT

With 4 results from FTDNA we have identified two lines. Two of the test
subjects expected to match, numbers 1 and 5. They have a genealogical record
back to the 1820s when 5 MIDDLETON men arrived in Monroe Co., AL. Their 12/12
match supports our belief that the five men were probably the son's of Martin
MIDDLETON of Marion Co., SC. In fact, one of the five men who moved to AL was
named Martin and was born ca 1806 in SC.

The other two subjects (Numbers 2 and 3) match each other 12/12 but differ
from Subjects 1 and 5 on 4 out of the 12 markers tested. They have no known
relationship to each other but because of the 12/12 match we believe they may
have a common ancestor in the 800 - 900 years since the Middleton surname
arose. Also, the difference supports our belief that Middleton was a surname
that had multiple origins based on a geographic location.

<A HREF="">Click here: Middleton DNA Project Results</A>

We are trying to find subjects with a male lineage tracing back to the 1790
U. S. census. Martin Middleton of Marion Co., SC was one of about 50
Middleton men on that census. Comments and questions welcome.

Grant W. Johnston,

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