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From: "Kay Martin" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] 12 marker-tell if 2 males cousins have same father--try again
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 12:58:53 -0500
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Gordon and Everyone else,

First, thanks to those of you who are sharing your DNA and your family stories - these are helping me so much in understanding this new tool we have!

In this particular instance, wouldn't a perfect match be reason to investigate? Gordon, in your family, with your Richard DNA showing up in Boone and Leighton families, would it not be worth the paper investigation to see if you can find out what actually did happen there? Children often took the name of a step-father, with no legal action involved - as well as all the other possible circumstances. That looks like a great mystery to be solved to me. Would it not be a certain enough connection (within the last ten generations or so)? Aren't those Boone's and Leighton's definite biological relatives?


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From: Gordon L. Richard
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Subject: Re: [DNA] 12 marker-tell if 2 males cousins have same father--try again

This set of circumstances would SUGGEST that the two males MIGHT HAVE BEEN
sired by the same man, but it certainly wouldn't PROVE such to be the case.
To illustrate this, I will point out that my RICHARD DNA exactly matches
that of one branch of the BOONE family. It also matches that of a LEIGHTON
family. We don't have any idea why these matches exist, but we speculate
that, in these cases, RICHARD male children were raised by foster parents
with BOONE and LEIGHTON surnames. These male foster babies probably were
given the surnames of their foster parents.


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