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From: "Kay Martin" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] DNA Test for Native American Ancestry
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 14:06:07 -0500
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Mark, thanks! I considered doing that too and may yet, but it seems like awfully poor business that their site doesn't work as it should. I went to their "contact us" page just now, filled out that form, and up popped the blank e-mail again. I wrote again. (They won't want me as a customer, I suspect.) Now I'm not sure what to do... I'm pretty thick headed about companies who are so out of touch that they don't realize how nice secure on line ordering is. Family Tree DNA has me spoiled. I wish they had a test like this one.

How long did it take for your test to come? What are they saying on a time period before they get results to you? Have they contacted you at all - order verification or anything?

Thanks again,


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From: Mark May
Sent: Wednesday, October 02, 2002 1:46 PM
Subject: RE: [DNA] DNA Test for Native American Ancestry

I had this problem. I copied all the release info and my order details,
pasted it into an email and sent it. They sent me a collection kit.

J Mark May

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From: Kay Martin [SMTP:]
Sent: Wednesday, October 02, 2002 1:04 PM
Subject: Re: [DNA] DNA Test for Native American Ancestry

Ann, I just tried to jump on this band wagon with you. Filled out the order
at Ancestry by DNA and clicked submit, but that took me to a blank e-mail
form. Have you (or any of you here) had that experience? I wrote to this
outfit on that e-mail and sent it, but I don't believe that I transferred
any of my order information with that.

Virginia, I have the same problem you do. Mom was told that she was "part
Indian" by her grandfather (paternal). We have not found, let alone proven
that by traditional means. Good luck in your quest!

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Subject: Re: [DNA] DNA Test for Native American Ancestry

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> I've been reading so much on this topic my head hurts and I still can't
> the answer to my question. I'm trying to find out who's cheek to swab
> subject test. Mine? My brother's? My father's brother? (My father
> deceased.)
> I am female. My father's father's mother was supposedly Native
> Since I have not been able to locate any primary sources to support
> lineage other than "family story", I'd like the DNA test. In addition,
> have old family photos of my great grandmother and her siblings, and
> sure look Native American but then again they could be black.
> I've read the lab requirements and it appears that if I can't provide a
> "female to female to female" descendaney swab or a "male to male to
> descendancy swab, the results will be invalid. Am I reading right?

That's correct for tests using mitochondrial DNA (female line) or the Y
chromosome (male line). None of the people you listed could provide a
for mtDNA or Y testing. But -- did your great-grandmother have any
who had daughters? Or did her sisters have daughters who had daughters?
so, one of them could supply the sample for a mitochondrial DNA test.

There is also a very new company which uses a number of different markers
other chromosomes to estimate the percentage of your ancestry which came
different "BioGeographical" origins, including Native American.

If your great-grandmother herself had 100% Native American ancestry and
married a man with 100% European ancestry, then 50% of her son's markers
would show NA patterns. If each new generation marries someone of
background, that would dilute the number of NA markers roughly by half,
your uncle would have about 25% of the markers and you would have about
12.5%. Thus if you choose that company, your uncle would be the best
to test.

A few of us have ordered a test from this new company, but we won't have
results back for some time. We'll certainly report on how well the theory
translates into practice.

Ann Turner
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