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Subject: [DNA] Red hair and the "ginger gene"
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 23:39:49 -0700

My physical anthropology prof taught us that red hair was Iranic, not
Celtic, and that the Celts got the red hair from the Galatians of Turkey who
had contact with the Iranic peoples where Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Armenia
meet in the north. The shade of red hair from that part of the world is a
medium to dark auburn-red, sort of a dark orange.
Around 1,600 BC red hair became so fashionable among the Hyksos of Canaan
who imported red-haired Cimmerian women from Anatolia that Egyptian women
used henna to produce that orange-brown color. (See the orange-auburn wigs
worn by nobles in ancient Egypt at the Met. Museum of Art). Henna turns
black hair orange, but the people who lived in Jordan around 9,000 BCE who
built those "apartment houses" in waht is modern Jordan, painted their idols
with red hair.

The Pazyrik people who lived at the Chinese border (Tocharian and Pazyrik
mummies) mostly had red hair. Supposedly they came from the border of
Azerbaijan and Georgia, but red hair is common in Odessa, Ukraine.

Where did red hair come from? The ginger gene that produces red hair was
found to be more than 50,000 years old. In addition, it is also present in
Neanderthals, and probably shows up in the common ancestor of sapiens and
neaderthals.....The gene goes back at least 100,000 years, according to the
article at

A study was made of the gene that turns hair red and skin freckled, and it
turns up commonly among nomadic tribes in Iran who live in the style of
Bedouins, but have no links to the Arabian peninsula, according to them. So
you never know what shows up where.

Two of my Lebanese/Syrian/Sephardi relatives have blue eyes and blonde hair
with pinkish light skin(Aleppo natives). One never knows, but if you read
about all the Syrian physicians such as Ibn Fadlan who journeyed to Kiev in
the Ukraine to trade with the Rus and Scandinavians there in the 10th
century in the book the Travels of Ibn Fadlan, many Scandinavian women were
traded to Arab merchants, particularly to the physicians of the Sultan in
various cities of the Levant and Alexandria. Then you have the Khazar exodus
from where the Volga meets the Caspian into surrounding areas and the
Vikings and Ukrainians that followed them into areas S. of the Caucasus.

I've always heard that red hair was introduced to the Celts who are old
Mediterranean people called the long barrow men who sailed from Spain to
Ireland 9,000 years ago, from peoples to the East. What does your research
show? The health aspects site of red hair gene is at


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