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Subject: [DNA] GENEALOGY-DNA-D Digest V02 #430
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 01:17:14 EDT

I've been lurking in the background trying to make sense of the wonderful
data stream coming from this message board. Recent postings on markers
potentially being specific to certain population pools have made me wonder
whether I've found a reason to jump into the foray. I would like feedback on
whether an idea I have has merit or not. The ultimate goal is to see if there
is any indicator(s) that could be used as a clue in the search for my
father's birth family.

The IDEA: Utilize DNA tests from me (female), my brother, and my father to
see if there is a marker(s) indicating the male line originated from a
particular population pool.

Circumstances? My father was adopted, has no known blood relatives, and is
deceased. The adoption was probably illegal; there are no legal records on
the adoption (state of Michigan.) My mother is also deceased.

The PLAN: I would like my brother and I to be DNA tested. I may also be able
to procure hair from my deceased father to also be tested. Compare my
brother's test to my father's and ascertain that they are father and son,
i.e., that the hair really belonged to my father. Check the tests against
appropriate databases.

If I am unable to find any DNA from my Dad, I understand that my brother's
DNA should carry the same markers as him. That should mean that if my father
had a marker indicative of a certain population pool, my brother would also
have it. I thought, however, that I read that a son's DNA also carried
markers that could help with the matriarchal lineage. If I understood what I
read correctly, my father's DNA could carry indicators on his mother's line
but my brother's markers could not be used as they have been "diluted." If my
father's DNA would provide no additional information over my brother's, then
I would not need to test my father's DNA.


Thanks for your help,
Dawn Newman
San Jose, CA

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