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From: Lauren Boyd <>
Subject: [DNA] Stewart-DNA list established
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 17:07:53 -0700

Hello to all:

It is my pleasure to announce that after a long wait the
Stewart-DNA list has been approved by Rootsweb. They
have set ground rules that we cannot post any marketing
messages for any laboratories, nor can we post the
price/cost of testing to the list. This does not mean
that we cannot discuss pros and cons of the various
laboratories. The Project Managers can reply off list
regarding costs. I will tell you it is less expensive
to submit your DNA under a project than on your own.

I know many of you are interested in the DNA projects
and have been dying to discuss results, questions, etc.
Now there is a place devoted to discussion of this topic
specific to the Stewarts --- all spellings, locations, etc.

Clan Stewart Society in America has been discussing the
desire to establish a DNA project for Stewarts for some
time. They have not completed their discussions and I
will look forward to seeing posts from CSSA leadership
and membership regarding this topic.

I am not aware of any discussion by the Stewart Society
in Edinburgh about participating in any Stewart DNA
studies. I would look forward to participation on this
list by their representatives as well.

Kathi Bobb manages a Stewart DNA project that was initially
begun to study her own family and cousins. You will find
results of the beginning participants in her study at her
web site

There has been an exciting turn of events recently --- there
is a close match between a Boyd in Glasgow, Scotland and a Stewart
in North Carolina, USA. I will leave it to the two Project
Managers - Kathi Bobb and Cal Boyd for Boyd-DNA to discuss the
finer points of this recent discovery. Haplotypes, etc.
However, I do know that Cal called the lab and spoke with
Benett and asked him to review the results. At this time,
the only thing clear, as I understand it, is that both projects
need more participants. Either there is a genetic match between
the Boyds and Stewarts or it means both men are definitely of common
Scottish descent. But... it also means we are closer than we thought
we were.

I look forward to the exploration of genetic genealogy or as
some have begun to refer to it "gen/gen."

The next portion of this message will be a message from Kathi Bobb
that we have been waiting to post.

Yours Aye,

Lauren Boyd
List Admin
Boyd-DNA and others

Background and Update for Stewart/Stuart DNA Study 9/22/02

Hello Stewart Researchers,

I have been researching my Stewart family for over 25 years.
They are from the areas of NC, GA and TN. My research, in combination
with Marty Grant and many other Stewart researchers in this line is
laid out on a beautifully designed website by my distant cousin Marty Grant at

Many thanks to Marty for his diligence on his Stewart web page. We have been
blessed with many other active researchers in this family. Most of them are
listed on Marty's site.

During the past 10 years or so, I have been patiently waiting for
DNA research to reach a level that would be helpful to genealogy
researchers like myself in confirming what we already know and leading
us in new directions of research. I believe that day has finally come.
There are several labs who are able to do Y-chromosome tests that
can be compared to other participants for matching DNA indicating a
common ancestor.

About a month ago a few fellow researchers and myself discussed starting
a Family Reconstruction DNA project within our Stewart line. We identified
descendants in my line to test for a starting base and then expanded to
descendants of Stewart families who lived in the surrounding communities of
our family in the late 1700's and thru the 1800's.

Presently we have 16 participants. Five of these participants' results
have been returned. Results usually take about 6 weeks. We have also had
a few Stewart descendents who were tested at other labs and have asked to be
included for comparisons to our results, which we have done.

My known, documented portion of family begins with Noah Stewart b 1785 in
Buncombe Co NC. Noah is found in the census records of Buncombe, Haywood Co
NC in the early 1800's. Later he is found in GA in Union Co where
he remained until his death in the late 1800's. Noah had 3 sons, John,
Jacob and Isham. The descendants of these three sons matched as having a recent
common ancestor on a 25 marker DNA test. John and Isam's descendants
matched perfectly. Jacob's descendant was one marker different which still
indicates a recent common ancestor. I am pleased that over 25 years of documented
research is now confirmed scientifically. This result has boosted my
confidence in the integrity of the test.

Another family that originated in SC was tested. This family was not a match.
And a family from Surry Co NC also was tested that again did not indicate a match.
There are 3 other participants results listed on the page which are results that were
processed at a different lab. One of these matched the Surry Co NC participants results
for the 12

You can review these results for yourself at the websites

The results of the matches indicate probabilities of a common recent ancestor and
narrows down the time frame which the ancestor might have occurred. The test does
not tell exactly which generation the most common recent ancestor occurred.

We anxiously await the results of the other 11 participants and hope that other
qualified Stewart candidates will join us. I have decided to expand the geographical
context of the test and will order kits for any qualified Stewart candidate from any area.

I have an informative instruction page which I will email to any interested candidates.
You might want to visit the website first for more information. I can be emailed at


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