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From: "Nel Hatcher" <>
Subject: [DNA] HATCHER results - need help
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 11:41:30 -0600
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Good mourning (not a typo :-)

We now have 6 more test results for our Hatcher project (see ) and now I'm really
scratching my head. See questions below test results.

4781 EDWARD - Son of Wm............
Main family, well documented,
with this test matching 5 others
4942 HENRY - Son of Wm............... -
1 mut
Main family - 1 mutation - acceptable
4782 John/Henrietta Hatcher
.............. - 1 mut
Previously unconnected family,
1 mutation, appears connected
to main family
4785 James Fulton Hatcher
................ - 1 mut
Previously unconnected family,
1 mutation, appears connected
to main family
**4790 John/Eve Hatcher
.................. - 2 mut
Main family - 2 mutations,
still acceptable range
**4780 John/Eve Hatcher
.................. - 3 mut
Main family but serious problem -
3 mutations from main while 1
mutation from #4790
**4789 CHICORA Hatcher ............. - 3
3 mutations from main but only
2 mutations from #4785 and #4942

I am most concerned about tests 4790 and 4780. This family has always been
connected to the main family of William Hatcher of HenricoCo and is to our
knowledge well documented. These 2 tests are from 2 different sons of
John/Eve Hatcher.

Should the 2 mutation test (4790) be considered suspect and is it possible
that neither of these 2 testees are connected to the main family but clearly
connected to each other? What additional testing would be recommended, if

Test 4789 has clear Native American ancestry, possibly tri-racial or
melungeon. I understand he has no connection to the main family, yet these
new results show he is only 2 mutations away from 4942 ( a proven descendant
of the main family) and 4785. Test 4785 also has proven NA ancestry although
not proven to come thru the Hatcher male line.

What do I make of these "close but no cigar" results and what would the
recommendation be for further testing? I realize the MRCA goes back at least
40 gens but not sure what this means regarding my 2 and 3 mutation tests.

Keep it simple, please! I'm still somewhat of a newbie at this :-)

Thanks a bunch!
Nel Hatcher

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